Business Internet Phone Service that goes where you go,
and grows when you grow

True Unified Internet Phone Communication

Business Internet Phone Service that goes where you go, and grows when you grow

BataBing has been beta testing and delivering Superior Customer Service to small and mid-sized businesses since 2013. We take great pride in providing the highest quality business internet phone systems for any type of business. From small business phone systems to enterprise business phone systems, our hosted internet PBX systems can save your business 60% on phone system and service costs.

  • Save Money

    BataBing's Business Internet Phone Service saves you money on your hosted business phone service. With customers often experiencing savings of up to 80% from their prior traditional business phone service.

  • Reliability

    Our world-class unified internet phone communication platform was developed by over 1,500 engineers. It supports 18 of the 25 leading global telecommunications providers including SwissCom, Korea Telecom, SingTel, and Telstra.

  • Versatile

    There's something for everyone. Our Business Internet Phone Service features are designed to benefit all industries including legal practices, construction, hospitality, consulting firms, real estate, insurance, higher education, healthcare, the auto industry and more!

  • Constantly Evolving Technology

    The continuous innovations to our Business Internet Phone Services helps ensure that your business will always have the latest and greatest business internet VoIP technology and phone systems.

  • 5-Star Customer Support

    We are committed to offer you 5-Start Support at all levels of our company and at every point of contact with yours.

  • Flexible

    There's no need to purchase your phones from us or upgrade your current analog system to a digital system, although you can if you'd like to replace your current business phone system. BataBing works with nearly any unlocked SIP phone and most analog phones to easily set up your service.

  • High Definition

    You'll experience a noticeable improvement in voice quality with our high-definition business VoIP phones. It's 2016 - your business phone calls should be in HD.

  • Feature Rich Service

    Experience dozens of office features with our phones that you may not have known were possible! Never miss a call again, get a wide variety of voicemail options, coordinate your business phone messages with Microsoft Outlook and even set up a conference call.

  • Convenient Plug and Play Phones

    Plug and play! Our business VoIP phones are so easy to set up, you'll be up and running within minutes.

  • No Contracts

    Our customers know what they're paying for. No hidden fees. With minimal upfront cost and our affordable rates, what are you waiting for?

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